Telecom Developer Summit Comes to Bangkok

TADS Summit

November will be a busy month for the mobile tech community in Thailand as three substantial events will be held in the coming weeks in the Kingdom: International Telecom World (ITU), Telecom Application Developer Summit (TADS) and Telestax Mobicents Summit. For those who are interested in tapping into the huge potential of the telecom application developer scene, TADS will be held in Bangkok on November 21-22 at the Impact Forum, Nonthaburi. Highlighted topics will include discussion about the latest in messaging and voice technologies and WebRTC (real time communication). Telecom application developers play a vital role in extending operator infrastructure utilizing cloud based technologies, general web APIs and SIP. The primary goal of the summit is to better facilitate the interaction between developers and Telcos. Industry leaders from Ubuntu, Telstra, APIdaze, OnMobile, OpenCloud and Huawei will be on-hand to highight new ways of adding better capabilities to applications, services and business. Free and discounted tickets are available to MoMo BKK members by contacting

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