Presentation Guidelines

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise related to technology, entrepreneurship, or general business in the quickly changing mobile environment?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. Mobile Monday meetings serve as a creative platform for mobile visionaries to learn and share information across different sectors and platforms. Brief, informative, and entertaining presentations are welcomed and encouraged to abide by the following 10 guidelines:

  1. Utilize a tone that facilitates a business casual atmosphere
  2. Use language and jargon that can be easily understood by Thai and English speakers with general mobile technology and business background knowledge
  3. Keep presentations short and to the point, 15 minutes is the maximum time allowed
  4. When preparing your presentation please plan for occasional pauses to allow the interpreter to summarize your key points into either Thai or English
  5. Use visuals to highlight a concept or idea. Keywords, short phrases or images in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi format are encouraged
  6. Please do not show slides with excessive text
  7. As the audience is participating on a voluntary basis refrain from conducting a lecture or sales pitch
  8. Be creative and incorporate mobile technology into your presentation!
  9. Encourage further questions and conversation about your topic at the concluding networking event

If you would like to present your expertise at an upcoming Mobile Monday event please contact our event organizers.

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